Heleen Moss

Visual artist / Painter / Contemporary Art

After years of taking art history classes, etching, drawing and painting in watercolor and oil, Heleen Mos started working as an independent artist in 1990. The enchantment of colors, shapes and lines that can touch you deeply, show you the way to meet yourself deeply. That is the Power of Art. It is a joy to put that on canvas.
Heleen makes multifaceted work and always takes on new challenges.
Currently her work is on display in Madrid and Monaco in July Artfair.


Artist Statement

Heleen Moss
Visual Artist Painter

To paint and shape:

working, searching for connection with what I feel and want to put down on canvas. A process that goes on continuously in me, consciously and unconsciously and comes to rest when a solution is found how to start or how to continue. Whereby the
color choice
plays an important role because in abstract work the colors often tell the story. I work with a good materials and it is a joy to paint even when it is difficult and sometimes I have to be patient until a solution presents itself.

The change of technique is wonderful to me
make of the previous painting and especially if it is a stilled work. A
sometimes presents itself automatically and I experience it as a challenge.
By the light and playing with it in my abstract landscapes.
Sources of Inspiration
are; reading – walking – travelling – music – philosophy and spirituality. My work
is characterized by my
use and
. My Passion is telling about learning to look at Art and learning to see the things behind the things. A different way of (Be)living.

“The Artist has to have something to say,
because it is not his job
To control forms,
but to adjust form
to the content.”
- Wassily Kandinsky

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