Artist Statement
Heleen Mos 
Visual Artist Painter 

Contemporary Art 

My Motivation is to paint and shape: Inspired work,search for connection to what I feel and want to drop on canvas. A process that is continuous in me, conscious and unconscious and comes to rest if a solution is found how to start or how to proceed. Where the colour choice plays an important role because the colours in abstract work often tell the story.

I work with a good oil so it is also a party to work also if it is hard and sometimes I need to be patient until a solution presents itself. Changing technique is often wonderful to make me free from the previous painting and certainly if it is a work has come to a standstill.

A theme is there sometimes without to look for and I experience as a fun challenge.

Fascinated by the light and to play in my abstract landscapes.

Sources of inspiration; reading-hiking-travel-music-philosophy and spirituality.

My work characterizes itself by my use of colour and atmosphere.

My Passion is tell about looking Art and learn to see things behind the things. Another way of life.