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Gallery's Curatorial Review Committee found your superb art to be a  confluence of creative energy and inner artistic illumination, symbolizing a universal vision.

AMSTERDAM WHITNEY  International Fine Art congratulates you on being accepted to our distinguished €œFamily of Artists. After carefully reviewing your artwork, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery's Curatorial Review Committee has formally selected you to participate in our elite museum-caliber Representation Program.  Our noteworthy Curatorial Review Committee was most impressed by your superb oeuvre such as "STEPS OF LIFE DIPTYCH" which resonates with a profound visual narrative as you reveal the invisible within the visible. The spiritual artistic journey that you portray in your stellar oeuvre  was quite impressive and was a triumph of personal expression. "STEPS OF LIFE 1" generated a profound sense of symbolism while reflecting a universal message.  We salute you on your aesthetically absorbing oeuvre which reverberates with a dynamic textural sense and powerful visceral shapes.  We were enthralled by the emotive quality of "STEPS OF LIFE II" which reflects your fine talent and vibrant visual intensity of colors. Your compelling "STEPS OF LIFE DIPTYCH" conveys your unique artistic vision of capturing the impalpable as you seize the essence of the emotional and physical experience.  Our Committee salutes you on your oeuvre with its important visual narrative and its emotional link to the human and artistic experience.  We are so pleased with your marvelous art and the positive energy of your stellar compositions.  We would be delighted to showcase your art in an exciting 2015 Exhibition.

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The vitality of subdued color combinations

Heleen Mos's paintings are not characterized by grand gestures or extravagant images. The enthusiasm and elation of the painting process has been caught in the many layers which have been applied with much patience and dedication. Her works are slow to yield their beauty. We, the onlookers, must consciously open ourselves to their beauty, but we are richly rewarded for so doing. The many layers in each painting simultaneously conceal and reveal their true, poetic nature, inspiring each and everyone's associative capabilities. The paintings invite the onlooker to daydream, to take inner journeys that provide a reflection within ourselves of the unfathomable vastness portrayed in the painting. In our hurried, stressful world Heleen Mos's paintings are a respite, a haven, an effervescent energy of subdued color combinations.

Tom Molenaars - Art Historian - Breda



Heleen Mos - Visual Artist / Painter

In her paintings Heleen Mos navigates between what look like ethereal skies and cloudless landscapes. The intense color draw the onlooker into the painting. Getting lost in this open world is far from unpleasant; you efforlessy absorb the atmosphere in the paintings. Often light and harmonious, sometimes dark with a philosophical touch, bus always intense and grand. Mos allows you to define your own thoughts in her world. The atmosphere in her work guides you, but the artist has no wish to compel. Mos offers you the opportunity to experience her world. This makes her work thrilling and familiar.

Ageeth Boermans - director CBK West Brabant

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