Purchase or rent a work of art

Purchase a work of Art Online

Upon payment you will receive confirmation of your purchase. I will then proceed with shipping arrangements!

Purchase a work of Art

It is possible to rent a painting in order to see if it suits your environment, paying monthly instalments until the painting becomes yours.

Rent a work of Art

After you have submitted your request, you will receive a rental contract through which you register your application. There are no additional costs involved. The contract states, among other things, that you agree to a direct debit payment of monthly instalments. You will be requested to provide a copy of a valid identity document. Upon purchase of the painting the rental payments will be deducted from the purchase price.
Rental fees paintings:
500 euros - 850 euros      >> 20 euros per month
850 euros - 1450 euros    >> 25 euros per month
1450 euros - 1650 euros  >> 35 euros per month
1650 euros - 1950 euros  >> 45 euros per month
1950 euros - 2000 euros  >> 50 euros per month
Over 2000 euros              >> 75-100 euros per month 


For information regarding rental or purchase of my work, contact me:

Heleen Mos
Telephone +31(0)765322118
Mobile +31(0)610060831 
You may also get in touch via the contact form on this website or by sending an email to heleenmos@kpnmail.nl

Browse through Heleen Mos’s artwork:

    •    Oil paintings
    •    Watercolors
    •    Monoprints
    •    India ink

Heleen Mos’s artwork is protected by PICTORIGHT.