Work Method
Heleen’s work displays a continuing search for the essence of all things, visualized in transparency, light and purity. The images come from within and manifest themselves in, among other things, landscapes.
Heleen is inspired by the age we live in as well as encounters with herself and others. In many different ways nature herself is also a wonderful source of inspiration, with music helping Heleen to make the experience more profound.
Her work reveals layers so thin that their transparency allows you to see through all of them. A thicker layer, however, may also form the basis of “depth and contrast”. Heleen is constantly trying to eliminate while still maintaining the essence. The onlooker is invited to enjoy while, at the same time, recognizing themselves in what they see.

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    •    Oil paintings
    •    Watercolors
    •    Monoprints
    •    India ink

Heleen Mos’s artwork is protected by PICTORIGHT.

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